Testing & Analysis

Being a critical part of product development and quality assurance, it is important to use appropriate analytical tools to derive effective results. FPI offers extensive expertise in food testing including:

  • Chemical and microbiological analyses
  • Analysis of physical properties
  • Identification of chemical, microbiological and physical contaminants (glass, insects, stones and metal)
  • Determining if food ingredients are as per the label
  • Evaluating product tastes and consumer perceptions

Accelerated shelf life testing proves useful for new product development and troubleshooting. FPI offers comprehensive analytical and testing services to support the needs of milling and confectionery industries. State-of-the-art, temperature-controlled chambers for accelerated storage trials are at your disposal, wherein light, temperature and humidity are controlled to simulate desired conditions.
A large part of our effort goes into developing, evaluating and innovating methods.
Investigation for microbiology, sensory evaluation and other quality parameters is being planned initially.