Packaging Design & Development

Different products need different levels of protection. Modes of transport influence packaging. Optimal packaging has to comply with needs for protection, cost-effectiveness and eco-protection. Your products deserve packaging which cover these fundamental needs. Product and packaging design requires in-depth knowledge of products, packaging and the distribution channels. Measuring the distribution setting, conducting product durability and packaging tests, and in-depth materials expertise help acquire this data.

How do we approach it?

Your products’ strength and durability form the starting point. Put in the stresses during handling and transportation. Our experienced consultants and engineers take off from here to design and develop the optimal package. To provide the most effective solutions, we collaborate with the finest packaging players in different parts of the value chain.


What’s our Value-addition?

  • Additive changes of existing packaging or novel solutions
  • Assessments of existing packaging solutions with recommendations. Our expert designers help you identify and develop suitable packaging design and geometrics to make the packaging attractive and functional. High quality graphical design is used to add charm and appeal.
  • Packaging consultation for packaging and/or materials
  • Developing packaging instructions and manuals
  • Customized training