Market Research & Commercialization

As leaders in their domains, our clients welcome new ways to innovate, the goal being to maximize growth. We ensure that our clients benefit from current science and engineering breakthroughs to compete and develop new markets.

We associate with market research agencies to conduct market research and feasibility studies for market entry strategies and methods. Our expert network of field-researchers and food-analysts blend data, knowledge, foresight and innovation into executable insights for your strategy and development processes.
FPI assists entrepreneurs with writing business proposals grants, support key research and product standards testing. We offer a common platform for food researchers and industry professionals to gain business and market intelligence information to make informed decisions on current and future world food trends. Information includes insight into size, segmentation and growth of global markets with varying perspectives on food research.
Reports cover topics that outline and document the food sector including food types, meal-specific foods, cultural meals, ingredients, specific dietary and health choices, food regulations, packaging, manufacturing and much more. Customized reports can be generated to address current consumer drivers, industry-trends and changes, information on industry leaders, market share and market forecasts.

Our Engineering Services team and Product Specialty associates support commercialization by ramping up design, production and automation for mass production. We work with leading manufacturers and retailers to improve their brand offerings and launch new products in multiple markets. They rely on our information, insights, and industry expertise to understand what consumers are actually eating and drinking.