3D Scanning & Product Benchmarking

Often entrepreneurs spend a lot of time and money on designing and engineering ideas without a clear picture of the market-potential, competition, product-use or consumer desires. Taking an idea from concept to production demands an understanding of the functional requirements and the end-user’s needs and wants. Benchmarking plays an important role in achieving the end result, be it design improvisation, cost reduction or to understand the design intent of the product.

FPI offers the following services to identify the product potential:

  • Online data collection
  • Product opinion and market research surveys
  • Research
  • End-user interviewing
  • Competitive product analysis
  • usiness planning
  • Competitive product benchmarking


Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of competitions’ product is key to developing new and innovative solutions. Analyzing competitive products and using it to enhance products proves advantageous. FPI’s benchmarking, data compilation and reporting processes offer clients the tools necessary to analyze features and points of interest. The benchmarking report helps clients understand a competitor’s product thoroughly. Variations and trends in materials, components and functionalities can be observed by analyzing similar products. Accordingly, innovations can be carried out.