3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping

Any design does not become flawless instantaneously. Rigorous testing, evaluation and refinements help understand what works and what doesn’t. Rapid prototyping with 3D printing offers the flexibility necessary for these critical trial-and-error processes.

Discovering problems or bottlenecks add to the cost directly. Detection and diagnosis early in the design cycle prevent precious time, energy, cost and scrap materials. Rapid prototyping with 3D printing enables industrial designers and engineers revise more in less time, test accurately and shorten the time to the market.

Despite technological advances, a tangible model conveys ideas better than a simulated model. Rapid prototyping facilitates clear and comprehensive feedback and allows designers respond to input faster.

Testing how your products look and perform before investing in tooling helps save money. 3D printing materials can develop rugged functional prototypes for accurate performance testing having a ‘look-and-feel’ of finished products. Photopolymers, thermoplastics, metals and composite materials offer a range of material properties. These properties can withstand processes like sealing, polishing, painting, metallization or electroplating.

If the final production-processes require moulds, patterns or layups, 3D short-run tooling help in proving your products and manufacturing processes prior to investments. We support you for small-batch productions, using specific colour and materials for specific applications.