FPI offers product development support from ideas to innovations. We’ve helped entrepreneurs and established organizations develop innovative formulations such as: Ready to eat food Snacks & Savories Sweets (Wet & Dry) Dairy Delicacies Beverages Fruit and fruit products Cooked Rice based eatables Dips, Pickles and Sauces Smoothies, Cold Beverages, Herbal, […]

Formulation & Product Development

Suitable filling and sterilization facilities are available at our center to suit a variety of products and formulations. We are committed to include emerging technologies and infrastructures as and when the need arises. We have facilities for Filling of Rigid Packaging We have different dies and sealing films to suit […]

Filling & Sterilization

Consumer demand for food with minimum additives, lesser amounts of salt, sugar or fat, with added health benefits while maintaining desirable sensory properties, often prompt manufacturers to reformulate of products. But, shelf life and stability of new products can be difficult to predict. FPI’s expertise comes into play here in […]

Trials & Shelf life studies

Being a critical part of product development and quality assurance, it is important to use appropriate analytical tools to derive effective results. FPI offers extensive expertise in food testing including: Chemical and microbiological analyses Analysis of physical properties Identification of chemical, microbiological and physical contaminants (glass, insects, stones and metal) […]

Testing & Analysis

Different products need different levels of protection. Modes of transport influence packaging. Optimal packaging has to comply with needs for protection, cost-effectiveness and eco-protection. Your products deserve packaging which cover these fundamental needs. Product and packaging design requires in-depth knowledge of products, packaging and the distribution channels. Measuring the distribution […]

Packaging Design & Development

As leaders in their domains, our clients welcome new ways to innovate, the goal being to maximize growth. We ensure that our clients benefit from current science and engineering breakthroughs to compete and develop new markets. We associate with market research agencies to conduct market research and feasibility studies for […]

Market Research & Commercialization

Often entrepreneurs spend a lot of time and money on designing and engineering ideas without a clear picture of the market-potential, competition, product-use or consumer desires. Taking an idea from concept to production demands an understanding of the functional requirements and the end-user’s needs and wants. Benchmarking plays an important […]

3D Scanning & Product Benchmarking

This is an emerging technology using which designs can be easily visualized and prototyped for features, and market appeal before it is manufactured. FPI has been a trusted leader in 3D printing solutions and Rapid Prototyping. We assist companies turn great ideas into successful products. 3D printing your prototypes from […]

3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping